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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Special Delivery

Meet Cody, my 6 day old nephew delivered by myself on Tuesday morning by huge surprise.

It's been a horrendously busy, hectic, stressful week to say the least but I will never forget Tuesday 28th July!!

My other sister called me at 7.50am and asked if I would come down as Kelly was in labour and she had to go and get ready for work. I arrived at Kelly and Matthew's house by 8.30am. Kelly was coping really well with contractions, i got her up to go to the loo and she said she felt the urge to push! I told her that was quite normal and she asked for me to help her back to the loo. Hubby called me at 9.20am to ask how things were and I said fine and that I would call him back in 5 mins as Kelly wanted to go into hospitals NOW! (We were waiting for Matthews mum to arrive as she was driving them in). Just as I put the phone down I told Matthew to call for an ambulance. Kelly looked at me and said I feel something down there!! I told her I needed to look, I then looked at her and said baby is coming now and that she needed to push on her next contraction. With that she gave one push and out popped his head, his wee face began to look blue, so I tried to stimulate him where he then turned round and slowly moved his head. I yelled at Matthew "where's the fooking ambulance", Kelly saw me panic for a split second so I had to calm myself and said "everything is fine but you need to push on the next contraction. She gave another push, and baby Cody was born at 9.30am. I unravelled the cord, gave him a clean till he cried and placed him on Kelly's tummy and waited a further 10-15 mins for the ambulance to arrive. The best present an auntie could ever wish for!

I then did her dishes and went to the hairdresser for my hair appointment an hour later than I should have been!

BTW......isn't this stuff only supposed to happen in magazines?


S Cooper said...

Jesus! Well done missy...thats one hell of a story. Congrats. You will be top auntie forever for that feat.

Well wishes to mum and baby too.

Joanne said...

ha ha thanks Sharon x