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Wednesday, 17 June 2009


OMG, I had the best night of my life last night! I won Best Student and Best Photography for 2008-2009. I was absolutely overwhelmed and did not expect it at all considering how much talented people there were on my course.

Two years ago I was almost distraught at the thought of leaving my babies to go to college. It was certainly one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make and receiving BOTH awards makes me feel like all that earlier worries and concerns was well worth me going.

Winning one award would have been lovely but two was an absolute dream. I was so glad that my family and friends were able to come and I feel like I have finally achieved something in my life to be proud of and hopefully that my kids will be proud of one day.

After much celebrations last night, a £70 taxi ride home and a hangover from hell and only having 3 hrs sleep before having to get up to do the school run I still had this big cheesy grin on my face that has barely left my chops the whole day!

Apart from that I'm feeling very sad that I'm not staying on to do my degree but I desperately want to take some time out and spend it with my kids, I want to cook again (cos I'm ok at that you know)!! I also want to get focused on setting up my business and concentrate on new work and ideas.

I've made lots of friends at college and I'm really gonna miss them all especially my little friend ;-)

I'm now off to bed with another smile on my face knowing that it's almost over.