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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Mental Mother

This was taken a good few weeks ago by my good friend and photographer Paul Mackie, who I've known for years but didn't know he was into photography until recently.  Anyway I photographed his wedding to Sarah at the gorgeous location Loch Muick back in August and I've been meaning to go on a photography expedition with Paul for ages now.  After chatting to Paul I told him I had not been feeling very creative and that I had had some ideas and would he like to come out.  I have NEVER, ever let another photographer photograph me when it comes to my self portraits, as I generally feel like a right idiot!  When I'm posing I'm glad that no one can actually see the ridiculous poses that I pull in order to get a picture that I'm satisfied with, so it was a little daunting to have Paul take my picture.  Of course I had my gorgeous daughter Amara at hand should the shoot fail as you can be guaranteed to get a good photo when she is around!  Why can't we all be that photogenic?

This was taken on a very very cold afternoon at the bottom of my road with the odd passing car, however it was rather embarassing when my postman stopped at the house where we were taking the pictures to deliver mail.  I was absolutely mortified and tried to slide down the chair so that he couldn't see me.  I guess I need to be a little braver and not worry about having to explain myself and just let them think I'm truly mental.  Hence the title of this image.......