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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Goodness I'm falling so behind with this blog milarky! For anyone who doesn't know I was down in London with college seeing how Fashion Photography was done. Real model, real makeup artist, real hair stylist and real clothes stylist. The whole trip was awesome even with the small hangovers that were lurking about! As we walked into Holborn Studios and waited to be shown where we were going ........casually walking past us was Blue (The Boy Band)! Then as we casually strolled about low and behold there was Lisa Snowdon in one of the studios having her picture taken. Then just as we were to move on Johnny Vaughn casually walked past. OMG...I have never seen so many famous people in one place at any one time!

Apart from being busy with college work, I;ve been experimenting with my Polaroid Camera that I've had for donkeys and only got round to trying it out yesterday for the first time. So I'm quite excited about that. to put my feet up, induldge in a glass of wine and some nibbles.