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Friday, 23 October 2009

Little Munchkin

Well this has been another busy week.  I was away with hubby and my darling children for a few days in Aviemore which was lovely, but it's now back to madness and trying to get organised for school next week. My house is in total chaos as we are or should I say hubby is laying new flooring in the kitchen, I had no idea how much dust there would be let alone how far it would travel.  So at the moment it means the studio conversion is on hold for a day or two till hubby completes the kitchen complete with the odd four letter rant at times!

Today I photographed another little girl called Murron, this time she was only 4 weeks old and boy was she a little munchkin.  She did not want to sleep but she did want to eat ;-) hee hee.  Anyway she was a little star and I got some great shots of her in the end! 

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

What to expect

Thought it was time for an update on what my plans are for now and the future and a little insight into what to expect on one of my shoots.
I never seem to have the time anymore to enjoy or take self portraits which is how I started out in photography.  Starting my business seems to have taken over a lot of things as well as trying to raise two children or should I say three including hubby!  I can’t complain of course as things are going well and I’m enjoying every shoot that I take on. Having the chance to do a self portrait allows me to get all those mad little ideas that go on in my head out in the open.  I hope to be able to incorporate these ideas into other shoots that I take on leaving the customer feeling that they have some images that no other person, couple, family have.
The kind of customers I’m aiming to attract and have done so far are those that want that little something different and are willing to work with me on creating the images you have in YOUR head as well as me throwing in my little bit of creativity …..after all the images are for YOUR wall not mine! But don’t worry if you haven’t a clue we can sit down and come up with some ideas together.   This is just all part of the extra service that I provide.  Chances are your sitting fee goes towards a prop that I will use for the shoot anyway.  So you tell me “what other photographer offers styling, locations at the drop of a hat with a vivid imagination”?  Hubby argues that I’ll never make money if I continue to buy as much props as I have been but I’ll do anything for that special shot!  I remember feeling quite anxious when I took my kids to get their photos taken (this was before I became a photographer) I felt silly asking for poses etc and that I should just shut up and let “them” do their jobs.  I never want for my clients to feel like that and what I hope to offer is a relaxed atmosphere with a few cups of tea thrown in for good measure!  There are also many products/framing options available for everyone’s budget.
So what are the plans for the future?
Well I’m in the middle of converting our garage into a studio and very much looking forward to having a wee opening night.  I’ve also been asked quite a lot for Boudoir photography.  Many women of all ages are really wanting to try this and why the hell not?  So whether you’re a mum of five or a bride to be or a hen party or just an average girl wanting some seriously wowzer images then watch this space as that’s coming soon also!
That’s about all I can tell you for now I will continue to strive for originality in every way possible and always stay one step ahead of the game and please, please feel free to ask me anything about anything. x

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Vintage Wedding Ideas

I love shopping about looking for things online especially vintage style things and this website is one of my favourites especially for something a little quirky or if you want to be a little different. It's the perfect place for Brides to look to find anything and everything to add that extra special touch to their wedding day. There is everything from hand made invitations to head pieces to designer dresses and gorgeous shoes and flowers. It's THE absolute heaven of a places to visit. Go check it out for yourself.

Click on Vintage Wedding Ideas ^ to take you to shopping heaven!

A quick glance

Little People

This past week has been quite busy with the little people. I've had great fun on the past few shoots. I have to admit that it's getting colder at this time of year but little Leyton who loves windmills and my pink lady apples was soooooo cute but absolutely frozen. My other shoot was with Joss, his mum and dad were great sports also and mum Louise was like a personal stylist to Joss...... so cute!

Little Leyton

he loved the windmills

I love his little expression on this one

Little Joss and super Dad

These are just a few of my fave's from both shoots.

Now it's time for a cuppa and a biscuit.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

A wedding with a difference

On Sunday I had the pleasure of photographing Nancy & Ryan's wedding day which was held at Pittodrie House Hotel. YES ....... it was a wedding with a difference to say the least! I have included some insanely funny photos and it was surprisingly easy to get the guests to dress up especially with the help of Josh, Nancy's son as he was dragging everyone in and dressing them as well as trying to sneak in every shot wearing multiple moustaches and feather boas as hair!!!!

Nancy and Ryan let me drag them all over Pittodrie to take lots and lots of lovely snaps that I hope they'll be happy with.

Here's a few of the willing participants....

Click on pic to view large!

The lovely couple

So if your looking for a little something different for your wedding that is a little insane you've come to the right place!