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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Yummy Cupcakes

Yesterday I had a mini shoot session at Hoodles Playbarn, photographing the gorgeous cupcakes that they sell and I have to say they taste as good as they look and are made by a lovely lady called Marion who takes great pride in making these ;-).  This coming Monday she will have a giant cupcake made for me for a shoot that I have with a little boy who will no doubt take great delight in destroying it.  In the meantime, I'm hoping to catch some fab expressions.  

For now I will leave you with some pics and strongly advise you treat yourself to one of these gorgeous cupcakes.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

I'm on a CD

Can't believe what arrived in the post today!!  My very own copy of a CD featuring my images from a Band called Dunno from Spain.  Roger contacted me early last year and I finally received my copy today. Thought I would share it on here.

You can check out there stuff here

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


We have a fab compeition running throughout the month of April for anyone who would like some updated family or kiddie photos.  Amara Ritchie Photography is offering 5 lucky readers a free sitting of up to a max of 4 people.  One lucky winner out of the 5 selected free sittings will win a free 20”x16” Photo Finish Fine Art Wrap worth £175.00 of an image of your choice! Yep that’s right – you choose the image and we frame it and it’s yours to keep with no obligation or pressure to buy anything else!  The four runners up will all receive one free 10"x8" print of your choice if you blog/facebook or twitter about Amara Ritchie Photography or forward on an email to friends/family raving about Amara Ritchie Photography!!

How to enter:

Go to and head over to the blog.

Leave a comment/link showing me you have blogged/tweeted/facebooked about Amara Ritchie Photography.

Send and email and attach a favourite/creative image to  and why you would like to win this fab offer or just give your photo a cool and eye catching title.  Make sure you put April Competition in the Email Subject.

Three judges will shortlist the final 5 who will receive a free sitting.  One image from each of the sittings will be posted online for your friends and family to vote to win the overall prize.
So come on – show me how creative you all are and good luck!

Winner will be announced no later than Friday 7th May 2010.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

FREEBIE - Newborn Template

I have my creative head on at the moment and came up with this design today for a New Baby Template.  Feel free to download and use as you like.  

They are sized 5"x7" with a front and back but use as you wish.  
Click here for download

My all new Marketing Kit

I've been meaning for a while to get myself sorted out with a Marketing Kit and I have finally got round to editing it the way I like it.  In fact I love it so much I can't wait to get it printed and I'm hoping to design some more so if anyone fancies a kit designed let me know!  I also have some templates that will be available to buy.  They are perfect for book templates or flat cards and are easily customised to suit your own needs.  These are the perfect packages to get you on your way.  I also wanted to tell you about Studio Cloud I came across it while surfing the net and landing from one site to the next as you do and it's the perfect FREE program to help keep you organised with you clients, I have already started using it and it's fab.

Let me know what you think xx

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Mental Mother

This was taken a good few weeks ago by my good friend and photographer Paul Mackie, who I've known for years but didn't know he was into photography until recently.  Anyway I photographed his wedding to Sarah at the gorgeous location Loch Muick back in August and I've been meaning to go on a photography expedition with Paul for ages now.  After chatting to Paul I told him I had not been feeling very creative and that I had had some ideas and would he like to come out.  I have NEVER, ever let another photographer photograph me when it comes to my self portraits, as I generally feel like a right idiot!  When I'm posing I'm glad that no one can actually see the ridiculous poses that I pull in order to get a picture that I'm satisfied with, so it was a little daunting to have Paul take my picture.  Of course I had my gorgeous daughter Amara at hand should the shoot fail as you can be guaranteed to get a good photo when she is around!  Why can't we all be that photogenic?

This was taken on a very very cold afternoon at the bottom of my road with the odd passing car, however it was rather embarassing when my postman stopped at the house where we were taking the pictures to deliver mail.  I was absolutely mortified and tried to slide down the chair so that he couldn't see me.  I guess I need to be a little braver and not worry about having to explain myself and just let them think I'm truly mental.  Hence the title of this image.......

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Amara gets her ears pierced!

She went on and on and on and on about getting her ears pierced and I eventually gave in no thanks to my neighbours daughter Megan who informed Amara that it was better to get your ears pierced when your younger as it doesn't hurt so much lol! This is what happens when you let your little girl go for a sleepover with a slightly older lovely little girl ;-). I believe they had great fun, playing with makeup and probably dancing to Hannah Montana at full volume. she came back the next day 5 going on 15!!!!

Dad had told her that she had to be 10 but I gave in so on Friday after Nursery we headed down to Sinclairs in Inverurie for her to get them done. I asked if she was nervous in which she replied "don't be silly". I think I was the nervous one to be honest which resulted in a phonecall to my mum asking her to come with me ha ha!!!

Anyway, thought I would share this picture of her in her proudest moment of having her ears pierced and not even crying.