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Friday, 23 October 2009

Little Munchkin

Well this has been another busy week.  I was away with hubby and my darling children for a few days in Aviemore which was lovely, but it's now back to madness and trying to get organised for school next week. My house is in total chaos as we are or should I say hubby is laying new flooring in the kitchen, I had no idea how much dust there would be let alone how far it would travel.  So at the moment it means the studio conversion is on hold for a day or two till hubby completes the kitchen complete with the odd four letter rant at times!

Today I photographed another little girl called Murron, this time she was only 4 weeks old and boy was she a little munchkin.  She did not want to sleep but she did want to eat ;-) hee hee.  Anyway she was a little star and I got some great shots of her in the end! 

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