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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Little Man

Not only does Cody have Auntie Joanne to deliver him but he has his own personal photographer ;-), how could I not resist taking his photo? Mum, Dad and Cody arrived just after lunch time in which they were here till about supper time. Cody likes to stay wakened most of the day you see.......... and likes to sleep all night!! Lucky for mum and dad but not for me. We had to wait a good while until we got him into that sleepy, drunk like state that is soooooo cute. Anyone who says photographing babies is a breeze is lying, I have to admit that I do love photographing them though. The hat and wrap were knitted by my 80 year old Granny (Cody's Great Granny), she's on her third one while I'm still trying to knit my first ;-(
Oh we also made the papers today........pic to follow soon ;-)

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