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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Just horsing around!

Firstly I have to say that these images were not taken by myself! They were taken by the lovely Lynn Baraclough from my class at college. We are all very busy working on our graded unit at the moment which is pretty full on and I don't know how I managed to get roped into this! I mean...... I don't mind horses, infact I used to love riding, just not in the snow!

She had me in three dresses all of which I had to change outside ;-(, not good when you can't feel your toes or hands and there is a small crowd watching. My neighbour took a video so will post that when I get round to editing it ;-). I have to say it was good fun and "Softy" the horse was good even though he kept wandering back to the gate to get out or probably get me of his back.

I absolutely love this one....... perhaps because you can't see my face ha ha! I also have to thank Lynn hugely for helping me out with my images and wearing a little vintage nightie in very cold weather ;-)

I ventured out today with the kids (no choice since they are off school)! I had to try and do some photos for college but it was a disaster and a stress. It was cold, I was in a derelict house with the kids screaming at each other because of their snowball fighting! I gave up and decided to head home only to get stuck at the bottom of the road in a lump of snow. To top it all off it's snowing again and looks like I'm homeward bound for another day!


RowanDevoe said...

These photos are fantastic! I just love them! We had a ton of snow here and I had grand "Snow Queen" photos planned. Well, I waited a bit too long, rain came, and down there is nothing but water everywhere!

Anyway, congrats on this and on the other photo you too with your friend in your boots-that one is very magical too!

Ligeia said...

These photos are simply awesome
Stunning work you both
Love the medieval touch of them. You could have been a queen!!!!

love wifey!!
cant wait for the video ^^


Joanne said...

thanks girls xxx