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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Grumpy Birthday Girl..........

No much wonder she had a face like thunder. My poor baby woke up on her 4th birthday barely able to lift her head off the pillow (after sleeping in our bed)!!! She was up through the night and just wouldn't settle and slept most of the day. After a visit to the doctor it was confirmed she had tonsillitis and an ear infection ;-(

Luckily her party wasn't till the day after but as you can see here she still wasn't up for much giggles!

I hate this time of year, it seems to be bug after bug.....roll on summer I say.


Ligeia said...

Happy Birthday to Amara!!
Hope she feels better soon ^^

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Amara!!!!
Get better real soon.


Joanne said...

Thanks missy and thank you Joe x

Anonymous said...

awww... Happy Birthday to Amara! What a lovely looking pink cake too. Ear infections & viruses will all pass eventually.

- Carl (aka Mr_cgc)

Daneli said...

awwww I had no idea.....xxxx