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Friday, 16 January 2009

Looking forward to this year........

Firstly I just want to say Happy belated New Year to everyone! I'm hoping to be around here much more but until I finish college this summer I doubt it will happen much in the next few months! I'm very much looking forward to finishing up and getting my business up and running. I'm looking forward to get a home studio set up with lots of space and a nice little prop wardrobe! I still want to carry on doing my locations shoots more than studio ones as I feel you get a unique and individual image. So I'll be scouting for some cool locations over the coming months.

My new years resolutions are pretty simple..............stay healthy, keep fit, walk the dog more and have a little more patience with my little horrors! I want to push myself further with my photography so watch this space as I'll be having a casting call soon! I have a few projects in mind that I would love to fullfill so I'll post some details when I'm a little more organised. Until now I better get back to my college work ;-)

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