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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Back to normality

Things have been a little hectic in my world lately! Having been ill with tonsillitis and having some sad family news things have been pretty rough. I've just finished my graded unit which was an added stress but I'm raring to go and hoping to get back to some kind of normality.

Our poor little kitten disappeared for about a week but was found safe and sound if not a little thin trapped in our garden shed! The thing is none of us can remember going down to the shed so it's a mystery as to how he got in there.

I have a busy few weeks ahead, I'm off for a pampering day in a fortnights time and I soooo can't wait and then the following week we have our annual dance to help raise funds for Playgroup. It's always such a great night. I would tell you all to come along but it's a sell out which is great news.

Right off to clear up my laptop of the hundreds of images that have slowly gathered over the last few weeks.

Hope your all having a lovely Sunday x

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