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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Off our heads

When I first started college I wanted to make sure I could use the best models so I searched on Facebook and came across Erin, going through her pics I asked if she would like to model for me on some of my projects. I think Erin modelled for me once and she became more than a friend over the past couple of years than anything else. So anytime we meet up or arrange a night out we always talk about doing a pic together but very rarely get round to taking one.

However, Erin and I had a night out on Fri in which we got "off our heads" (I wasn't that bad in all honesty), just felt real crap with colds, bugs and ill children the next day. Anyhow, after our wild night we went for lunch and ran over some ideas and this is what we came up with.   In all the time I have known Erin she has been one of the most kindest and caring friends I have ever come across and I will really miss her when she moves to London in January ;-(

1 comment:

Ligeia said...

This is absolutely gorgeous Jo!
Like a vintage add
love it