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Wednesday, 22 July 2009


OMG.......what is there not to love about newborns? This is Molly a gorgeous 3 week old baby girl who I had the pleasure of photographing on Tuesday. I couldn't resist sharing this one as she looks absolutely adorable. Little Molly however was rather curious and wanted to see what was going on so there was lots of waiting till mum got her sleeping before we could place her where we wanted, but oh no..........up she got again ;-). When you photograph babies you can't rush it, you have to take your time and go with the flow otherwise you don't get the shots you want. I was lucky enough to hang around for a good while, enjoying cups of tea and getting lots of little cuddles from baby Molly. More to come from this shoot soon........
My little sisters baby was due last Sat and I'm waiting patiently to kidnap him/her for some serious newborn photos. She knows the sex of the baby and I think I'm about the only one who doesn't as I chose not to know. My guess it's a boy though!! We helped her move house last night (mad girl). Hopefully this will get her going watch out for lots and lots of newborns flooding my site ;-)


Carolina said...

OMG She is adorable and that hat is gorgeous! Well done :)

Joanne said...

isn't she just the cutest thing ever?