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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Weekend Madness

Oh and not forgetting Miss Dior!

Well that's the weekend over and I'm finally recovering from my weekend away in Glasgow! I have to admit that I'm still recovering and probably should check myself into rehab.......either that or I'm getting to old for this carry on!

I have to say a huge thanks to Sharon and Del for putting us up in their gorgeous flat. God you forget how clean a house can look when you don't have children! I mean there is no way I could get away with having a white sofa in my house ha ha!!! After getting all dolled up and heading for something to eat we went to Maggie May's which was ace! I was feeling all birthdayfied and special, wearing my lovely peg trousers and vest top and jacket not to mention my backless bra that required "body tape" or so the woman announced when I politely asked if she had tit tape! Well that's what I thought it was called. Anyway, I was having a conversation with this couple who said they might pop along when in mid conversation my "tit tape" lost it's grip. Yep I felt it fall completely off! Luckily my vest top was tucked into my trousers ;-). Not quite sure I should be telling this story on my blog but hey ho, these things happen to us all don't they?????

I've spent today trying to sort out the business side of Amara Ritchie, and trying to design my new brochure prices. I've also got round to editing a mini collaboration shoot I did with the fabulous Danielle who did the makeup, in between Amara stealing her Dior brighter than bright pink lipstick. I've posted them in the beautiful people gallerie but if you want a look check them out above!

Right off to watch Gok's Fashion Fix xx

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Yann said...

Pictures are lovely. Amara is awesome and the model looks a bit like the actress Natalie Portman.
This said, I'm writing here because you mentioned Glasgow, the only part of Great Britain I ever went and I was much impress by the city.
I come from a family of dockers and I tought I saw quite a couple of true blue-collar towns but Glasgow overtopped anything I considered "rocker" before.In the good sense. Specially SauchiHall Alley (I mispelling it I think). Never tought that there could be 3 doorman at a single bar before. I truly loved the place, and its people. Altough of course, I never understood a word of what was said.
Hope the family is well and my english not too bad.