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Saturday, 27 September 2008

Saturday Nights

are all about the X-factor at the moment! I stupidly started this thing where I say to the kids (on a Sat night) "what night is it tonight" they both look at me with huge smiles on their faces shouting "the X-factor" as they make the cross sign with their stubbly little fingers!

So 15 mins before hand we get all our goodies, me with my Magners, bowl of ice-cream and smashed up maltesers and the kids with the rest of the box and their own little bottle of Irn Bru. We proceed to the living room, feet up on the poofey, one either side of me chomping away while we all attempt to sing the songs! Thank god I don't have neighbours!!!!!!

So as I sit their sipping my cider and eating my bowl of ice cream I become somewhat depressed at watching the very pretty stick thin Cheryl Cole and wish that I had not taken the ice cream tub out! ................Oh well the diet will begin tomorrow!


Adie said...

Joanne.... you do not want to be Cheryl Tweedie/Cole - she has no talent, you have; she has no figure, you have; she has money - ah maybe that's a point....!

Miss Aniela said...

saturday nights are all about X Factor for us too...haha x