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Monday, 15 September 2008

Monday Blues

Okay so it was a pretty hectic weekend! It was my sisters 18th Birthday on Saturday "happy Brithday Kelly" we all went for a lovely Italian meal (which is my fave) apart from I ordered Salmon pasta!!! Thing is I didn't know it would be a small portion of raw salmon served on top of the lovely cooked yummy pasta!!! I think this is what made me feel sick the rest of the night! Me and raw fish do not get on!

Had hubby's works bbq on the Sat and I have to say that we both died on the Monday! We both suffered from funny tummies!

Had a nice email today from a lady who wants me to do a talk at Aberdeen Uni about my photography work! Feels a bit weird since I was the one always at the back of the class unwilling to stick my hand up to give the right answer! I'm rather excited though.

Right off to bed to try and catch up on some beauty sleep, the pimples are starting to rear their ugly heads and I'm convinced it's lack of sleep!

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iwilliamm said...

The website is absolutely gorgeous so far Joanne !
It has a wonderful style and the wide variety of images really show how well rounded and gifted your photographic skills are. Great choice of tunes as well :)))
best wishes and hope it is a fantastic success ~ william