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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Amara gets her ears pierced!

She went on and on and on and on about getting her ears pierced and I eventually gave in no thanks to my neighbours daughter Megan who informed Amara that it was better to get your ears pierced when your younger as it doesn't hurt so much lol! This is what happens when you let your little girl go for a sleepover with a slightly older lovely little girl ;-). I believe they had great fun, playing with makeup and probably dancing to Hannah Montana at full volume. she came back the next day 5 going on 15!!!!

Dad had told her that she had to be 10 but I gave in so on Friday after Nursery we headed down to Sinclairs in Inverurie for her to get them done. I asked if she was nervous in which she replied "don't be silly". I think I was the nervous one to be honest which resulted in a phonecall to my mum asking her to come with me ha ha!!!

Anyway, thought I would share this picture of her in her proudest moment of having her ears pierced and not even crying.


Ligeia said...

how brave was she! :)
she's turning in such a beautiful little woman


Joanne said...

Thanks Ligeia x

Wendy Adie Photography said... six year old asked for a mobile phone yesterday..eek! lovely image...such a cutie

Sara Reeve said...

Gorgeous photograph, what a beautiful and brave big girl. My 4 yr old wants to get her ears done (I'll not let her see this tee hee!) xx

Fashion Nicotine said...

What a cute girl!