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Monday, 21 September 2009

Presenting Alex Salmond

On Tuesday the 15th September I presented Alex Salmond with one of my images. During the summer holidays I received a phone call from the lovely Rhonda Fraser to ask if I would have an image available which was taken in and around Inverurie or would I be able to do one. Having been quite busy over the summer holidays with shoots, delivering babies and everything else I hadn't had much time to be creative in taking any kind of self portrait. Anyway, I had this idea of taking an image showing Bennachie in the background in a hay field but that didn't turn out so on driving home I stopped at the woods beside my house where I took a few shots whilst being bitten alive by little beasties!!!

The Tuesday of the presentation was very daunting indeed. I turned up to find all these men in suits, so I grabbed a cuppa tea trying to hide the nerves. Rhonda went over what I had to do and I had this vision of tripping up the steps as I presented him with my framed picture. However, all went well and I met some lovely people. Even the men in suits were quite friendly ;-)

Alex Salmond himself was very polite and seemed genuinely pleased with what I gave him, whether he was pretending or not he did a good job of hiding it.

Anyway, I thought I would get this posted as my Granny has been trying to get on my blog and I think she's been looking out for this post! "Hi Granny"

Some pics taken by a lovely lady I met called Kate Sutherland.

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